Hero Probiotics supports digestion, immunity and overall good health


Scientific discovery has revealed amazing links between gut flora and human health. At Liberty Bion we are scientists dedicated to providing up-to-date information to our customers on the latest discoveries in human microbiota research and how these findings can be applied to our daily lives to improve health. Browse our articles for health advice and guidance.

Hero Probiotics contains soil-based organisms that have protective spores that keep them safe during transport through the stomach. Unlike other probiotics with synthetic time-release capsules, Hero Probiotics strains are naturally resistant to stomach acid and germinate upon entering the intestines to deliver benefits where you need them most.

Your digestive system contains trillions of bacteria called the gut microbiota. This community of microbes plays a central role in metabolism, physiology and nutrition. Your gut microbiota can be thrown off by diet, travel and stress. Each tablet of Hero Probiotics contains 30 billion powerful probiotics that ​helps your gut microbiota run smoothly by supporting your good bacteria.

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Hero Digest: Advanced Digestive Enzyme Formula with 18 Enzymes Designed to Support Gluten Availability and Nutrient Availability

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