Healthy on the Inside, Healthy on the Outside

Have you ever wished that there was a fool-proof, magic weight loss pill? Wouldn’t you love to eat chocolate-covered ice cream to your hearts content and then, at the end of each day, take a pill and lose five pounds? Or what about magic muscle-building pills?

But alas, we all know that some things in life don’t come easy and weight loss, for some people, is just one of those things. You can search the Internet for so called “weight-loss pills” and you will find any number of wonder-working formulas. But unfortunately, they don’t work. Worse, they can mess with your metabolism and cause you to lose sleep. In fact, the side effects for one of the most popular weight loss pills call for loose stools, oily stools, flatulence, and frequent bowel movements that are hard to control. Oh, and you can also plan on being deficient in important fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Sorry folks but the only reliable weight-loss method involves a healthy diet and exercise. We know… many people don’t want to hear that but as Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it involves effort, pain, difficulty…” But if you’re going to make the effort, why not make it a little easier on yourself and add some probiotics to your diet? That’s because new scientific research, published in this month’s Journal of Food Science and Nutrition, has demonstrated that the consumption of probiotics, in combination with healthy food, can help you lose more weight versus diet alone.

If you’re not familiar with probiotics, here’s a quick primer… Probiotics are a select set of microorganisms that are considered to be beneficial for your health. Not only do they help you lose weight but they also support healthy digestion and immune function. Like it or not, microorganisms are everywhere. In fact, the average person has 40 trillion microorganisms living in and on their body (primarily within the large intestine). In science, we call this microbial community the “human microbiota”. Like any large community (and 40 trillion individuals is a very large community!), there are some bad actors that cause trouble and there are some good guys that keep the peace…sort of speak. Probiotics are the good guys and they “keep the peace” by crowding out pathogens and calming down your immune system in times of stress (among other beneficial things).

The authors in the Journal of Food Science and Nutrition study claim that the best probiotic for weight loss are those that provide a diverse range of beneficial strains. Specifically they state that “Consuming probiotics could reduce body weight and BMI, with a potentially greater effect when multiple species of probiotics were consumed…” That means people who ingested different types or species (or strains) of probiotics had more success at losing weight than those that did not. So it’s important to find supplements and foods that contain a diverse set of beneficial bacteria. Most drug store brands contain only a minimum number of strains and so it’s best to avoid these single or minimal strain supplements.

We’d like to introduce Hero Probiotics™ by Liberty Bion( This probiotic supplement combines a unique formula of both live cell forming units (CFUs) and good bacterial strains. As a once daily supplement, Hero Probiotics™ contains 30 Billion CFUs and 10 diverse, beneficial strains of bacteria to fight the good fight against the bad guys in your gut which are keeping you from your goals of becoming a healthier individual.

Unlike other brands that gather dust on drugstore shelves for weeks to months on end, Hero Probiotics™ is delivered fresh to your front door for extremely low prices. As much as 15% of the cells in a probiotic supplement can die off every month and so when it comes to probiotics, fresh is always better. That’s why we are dedicated to reducing the time it takes to get our freshly produced product to your front door.

The other benefit is our low price. At 30 Billion CFU and 10 diverse probiotic strains, Hero Probiotics™ is considered a high potency probiotic brand. In addition to great prices and convenient (and free) delivery, we include updates on the latest in gut health research and healthy lifestyle tips to all of our subscription members.

In closing, remember that a magic diet pill does not exist and in order to experience weight loss it is important to maintain a caloric deficit (i.e., consuming fewer calories than you expend). Remember also that a supplement with a diverse set of probiotics is a healthy and natural adjunct that can help tremendously in your weight loss efforts. If you are trying to lose weight, scientific research shows that adding a diverse probiotic to your regime is a smart and effective way to do so. Healthy on the inside, healthy on the outside.

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