Hero Brand Supplements: Proud to be made in the USA and Proud to be made under GMP

Every bottle of Hero ProbioticsTM and Hero DigestTM supplements contains a stamp called “GMP”. This designation stands for “Good Manufacturing Practices” and guarantees that Hero BrandTM products are manufactured under the most stringent quality assurance guidelines established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This designation ensures that our manufacturing facilities and processes are properly designed, controlled and monitored.

Under GMP rules, Hero BrandTM products are produced using raw materials of proven quality. Robust systems for quality control and management have been established to ensure strong operating procedures and consistent testing and manufacturing environments. Because of our compliance with GMP, processes have been implemented to investigate and reduce incidences of deviation. Every step of the manufacturing process is tightly controlled and our products are produced in clean, well-maintained environments to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

The U.S. government implemented GMP regulations to ensure food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, nutraceutical supplements and related products have no harmful substances. These regulations are enforced by the FDA and have helped to reduce instances of product recalls and harmful effects on consumers that may arise from defective products.

By complying with strict GMP guidelines, Liberty Bion, Inc. is committed to delivering the safest and highest quality product to our customers. Consequently, our customers can be assured that when they purchase Hero BrandTM products, they are purchasing supplements that are manufactured under strict quality assurance processes. The GMP designation is the gold-standard for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical supplement and we are proud to display the GMP stamp on every bottle.

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