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How Hero Probiotics Work

Supports Digestion, Immunity and Overall Good Health

Your digestive system contains trillions of good and bad bacteria called the gut microbiota. This massive community of microbes plays a central role in metabolism, physiology and nutrition. Your gut microbiota can be thrown off by diet, changes in routine, travel and stress. Each tablet of Hero Probiotics contains 30 billion powerful probiotics that keeps your gut microbiota running smoothly by supporting your good bacteria.

  • check​Controls microbial populations in the gut by promoting the growth of good bacteria and crowding out bad bacteria
  • checkAids in digestion to produce beneficial products such as short chain fatty acids which supports immunity and proper GI function
  • check​Communicates with intestinal cells to maintain healthy gut barrier function
  • check​Beneficial bacteria that persists in the GI tract and increases in number
  • check​Formulated with a more diverse set of probiotics including Lactobacillus species, Bifidobacterium species and Bacillus species

Why Hero Probiotics is More Effective

Hero Probiotics contains Bacillus subtilis DE111, a soil-based organism, that has the ability to form spores that protect the beneficial probiotic from harsh conditions until they enter an environment ripe for germination, such as the GI tract. Unlike other probiotics with capsules that contain synthetic chemicals to protect probiotics from stomach acids, Hero Probiotics strains are naturally resistant to the harsh environment of the stomach and germinates upon entering the intestines to deliver benefits where you need them most.

  • checkRemains viable under a wide temperature range, doesn’t require refrigeration.
  • check​Survives passage through the acidic environment of the GI tract
  • check​Can persist in the GI tract, increase its numbers and then re-sporulate
  • check​Supports the normal immune of intestinal cells
  • check​Supports the normal breakdown of complex carbohydrates and fats, promoting proper digestion and nutrient absorption

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