Our Story

At Liberty Bion, we believe that knowledge empowers us to achieve health and wellness.

This belief has been reinforced for us through a unique and personal journey of scientific discovery and a career in microbiology that has spanned decades. As you will see below, our story begins with a point of view that microbes have a deleterious effect on human health and ends with the appreciation that microbial activity in our bodies is the cornerstone of healthy living.

As a microbiologist for the last 30+ years, I’ve sought to understand how microorganisms cause disease and promote health. I started my scientific career by studying how microorganisms communicate with each other. Later, after achieving my Ph.D., I pursued a career in medical microbiology and as a board-certified medical microbiologist, I’ve had the pleasure of working with physicians to identify pathogenic microorganisms in patient samples so that proper antibiotic therapy could be given to cure serious infections.

Throughout my many years as a laboratory director, my interest has been to develop and apply cutting edge technologies that identified disease-causing microorganisms in patient and environmental samples. Whether they be bacteria, fungal, viral or protozoan, my only exposure to the microbial world was to call out the bad-actors so that they could be eliminated or controlled.

As a clinical post-doctoral fellow at the Mayo Clinic, my training indoctrinated me to the evils of microbial activity in human health and our environment. I learned first-hand how microbes have the potential to cause debilitating disease and death. Of course, I’ve always understood that microbes have attributes that benefit humans but 20 some odd years ago, before the advent of massively parallel DNA sequencing technologies, those attributes included industrial applications such as fermentation and oil remediation. I also understood, on a very basic level, that probiotics had a beneficial effect on human health. But without advanced technologies, it was difficult to know how and why probiotics might be helpful to support good health.

In 2008 things changed for me, and many other scientists, when the National Institutes of Health (NIH) initiated a $115-million dollar, five-year project to sequence and characterize the human microbiome. By now, you’ve probably heard of the microbiome; it’s the genetic makeup of the trillions upon trillions of microorganisms that populate our bodies. As a result of this work by the NIH we now have the scientific tools to investigate the full component of microbial activity in our bodies and what has been discovered is astounding.

We know, for instance, that the average person carries approximately 40 trillion microorganisms weighing three pounds, roughly the weight of your brain and little lighter than your liver. This community of microbes is called the microbiota and it plays a critical role in your health. Research shows that alterations in microbiota are implicated in obesity, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, some cancers, and other chronic diseases. In health, the microbiota regulates nutrient uptake, immune system function, sleeping patterns, eating behavior, moods, and the list goes on.

These days, and largely because of our new appreciation of the microbial world around us, my scientific interests have changed and now I am privileged to study human metabolism and the positive impact that microorganisms have on our health. We founded Liberty Bion to speak up and to highlight the intricate connection that our bodies have with the microbes that populate us.

We are proud to offer the Hero ProbioticsTM brand of supplements to you because we know that they support microbial diversity, proper immune function and digestion. Unlike other supplement companies that only promote products for the sake of sales, we take a more responsible approach by taking the time and effort to explain why healthy diets, combined with probiotic supplementation, is important for good health. While Liberty Bion promotes and sells high-quality, natural supplements, we also promote healthy living strategies and in this way, we are a lifestyle company.

Like most health-conscience consumers, we understand that overall good health requires more than the consumption of natural supplements. After all, supplements are most effective when they are supplementing a healthy lifestyle that involves good diet and exercise choices. We are here to help you with excellent ideas on ways to improve your gut health through the consumption of foods that support the good bacteria in your gut at the expense of the bad ones. We do this in easy to understand language through blog posts and various articles.

Using probiotic strains that are naturally resistant to the hostile environment of the gut, we are proud to offer one of the world’s most effective probiotic supplements at an affordable price. Hero ProbioticsTM out-performs other probiotic supplements and we are excited to help people feel their best by delivering to them the full benefit that probiotics can offer.

For me it’s liberating, and empowering, to understand that I can positively impact the population of microorganisms that make up my microbiota and so profoundly affects my health. I hope that you feel the same way. Join us as we continue this journey of discovery and good health through healthy living and supplementation.

Dr. Douglas Toal & The Liberty Bion Team