Hero Probiotics

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Restore proper digestive health, fortify your immune system and reintroduce your gut to healthy bacteria and enzymes with Hero Probiotics.

30 Vegetarian Capsules



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"I bought Hero Probiotics because it contains a diverse set of different probiotics. In addition to Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium (all probiotic brands contain these two types) - Hero also contains Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus coagulans. I take probiotics in order to offer additional diversity to my gut flora and Hero Probiotics offers the diversity that I am looking for. I will buy more bottles when I run out of the one I just purchased. It is great product and I feel wonderful!" - Amazon Customer

"I love taking probiotics. I had to start taking them to improve my digestion. This probiotic is excellent it has 30 billion organisms and 10 different strains. I have used others but this one is superior. I love that it is made in the USA. I have taken one capsule per day and I found it has made a difference in my digestion. We need all of those good bacteria to wage war with the bad. I am very impressed with the quality of this amazing product. and definitely recommend it." - rosemary 

"I take probiotics on a daily basis. My digestion system was feeling kind of crappy. I decided to try this probiotic because it has 30 billion organisms as compared to the one that I was taking that only had 10 billion. I was using one that I got at Sam's Club, but this one is far superior. I have taken one capsule each morning and I found it is really making a difference in my digestion. I am very impressed with the quality of this amazing product. I feel like this is a quality product and I definitely recommend it. It is also made in the USA: which is important to me." - Jeanne

"Any milk products irritate my sensitive immune system and stomach. So early on I has to resort to taking pills to digest milk products. Then I was introduced to probiotics. The pills really worked quickly to help increase digestion. With regular use my stomach was less irritatel. These Hero probiotics were helpful in balancing my digestive tract and I began to see changes in my digestive system." - Donia

"Love what this product offers! I felt better w/in a week. HIGHLY recommend!" - Boomsa

"These are a great product. I have taken probiotics before and I began to take these since they were a little cheaper than what I used to buy. I have started to feel more energetic and have feel all around more healthy." - Amazon Customer

"I have come to realize how important my gut microbes are to my overall health. I try to eat healthy by eating vegetables and fiber but I also believe it is important to take a daily probiotic. When I tried Hero Probiotics I was very pleased with the results. I started taking Hero Probiotics several months ago - and I try not to miss any days. Since taking this supplement - I feel great and I have not had any infections. I feel like my immune system is improved with this product." - Amazon Customer

"Good probiotics, will get a bigger bottle next time" - Amazon Customer